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At the onset of a new decade, this coming year we encourage you to EXPLORE – break boundaries, step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself & do all those little things that make you Happy!

We believe happiness and magic lies outside our comfort zone. Each month of our 2020 calendar focuses on a beautiful landscape which will inspire you to break out of the rut and do something different everyday. Plus, you get your monthly dose of motivation & positivity with quotes from the most influential women we know. Each of these famous women have had their fair share of ups and downs and have emerged victorious in their lives. Their words serve as a reminder for you to not give up & push yourself to explore.

Also since we believe life should be colourful and fun, with each passing month, you can tear a section of the page along the perforated marks and use it as a notecard/postcard. Write something fun & show off your childlike creativity with doodles & stickers. We hope it fills your favourite person’s day with joy! 

Hope you enjoy using the calendar as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Size - 21cm (w) x 14.5cm (h)

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