Happy Wagon

Self Love 2020 Wall Calendar

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Who amongst us is guilty of hustling so much that we forget to pause? Most of us are so busy being there for others – at work, at home everyday that we ignore ourselves. We need to be reminded that it’s OK to sometimes take a break, take a pause, think about what makes us happy and have some alone time to ourselves.

This calendar does just that for you. Every month we make it a point to remind you to do something good for yourself – dream, live, laugh. Our bright calendar with artistic typography inspires you every month to do something for yourself in a happy & chirpy way.

Our calendar combines Happy with Functional. The grid has ample amount of space for your daily meet-ups, reminders and important notes. We have also included a very handy sticker sheet at the end so you can decorate your calendar to suit your personality.

We hope you enjoy using the calendar as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Size - 21 cm (h) x 29.5 cm (w)

Ships in 2-3 days. 

For international shipping - HappyWagon US

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