Black Sketchbook
Black Sketchbook
Black Sketchbook
Black Sketchbook

Black Sketchbook

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Jet black paper with a textured finish for illuminating trysts with colour.  Black paper is extremely versatile and works great with acrylic paint pens, acrylic paint tubes and brushes,  gel pens, white charcoal, colored pencil, crayons, oil pastels, soft pastels, chalk and metallic inks.

About the paperPremium Black paper that is made of 100% of secondary fibers and is lightfast and resistant to bleeding and colour migration making it harmless to health and environment.

    Product Details

    • Hardbound sketchbook
    • 100 pages, 200 GSM
    • Center Stitch thread binding
    • 14.8 cm x 21 cm ( A5) 
    • Premium fine art black textured paper

    5 creative ways to use art mediums on Black Sketchbooks

    1. White and Metallic Gel Pens: Create intricate and eye-catching designs using white and metallic gel pens. The contrast between the black paper and the bright, metallic ink can result in striking and visually appealing artwork. You can draw detailed illustrations, patterns, or calligraphy.
    2. Chalk and Charcoal Drawings: Explore the dramatic and expressive qualities of chalk and charcoal on black paper. These media create rich, smudged, and textured drawings that can be used for both realistic and abstract art. Experiment with blending and highlights to enhance your creations.
    3. Colored Pencils and Pastels: Colored pencils and pastels can be used to build up layers of vibrant colors on black paper. The dark background allows the colors to appear more intense and can create a visually stunning effect. You can produce detailed drawings or experiment with blending techniques.
    4. Collage and Mixed Media: Black paper is an ideal backdrop for collage and mixed media projects. Incorporate various materials, such as colored paper, fabric, magazine clippings, and found objects, to create visually dynamic and textured compositions. The dark background can make your elements pop.
    5. White Charcoal and Conte Crayon: White charcoal and Conte crayon are specifically designed for use on dark paper. These tools allow you to draw with a white medium, producing highly contrasted and visually striking images. Create bold and impactful drawings, whether they are portraits, still life, or abstract pieces.

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