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Supporting Artists. Spreading Happiness.
Supporting Artists. Spreading Happiness.

Ocean Air Pollution Mask

Rs. 499.00

These printed pollution masks help keep all that dust, soot, grime and smoke at bay - in style!

These are 100% cotton and come with an adjustable elastic band. They are capable of filtering even 2.5PM particles with their 5-layer filtration technology.

How to use

  • Adjust the elastic band on the straps for a cozy fit.
  • Recharge your filters by opening up the exhalation valve, removing the filter and keeping it in hot water for 10 minutes. Do NOT squeeze, let air dry before placing it back in the valve and closing shut.
  • Can be used while driving, riding with a helmet, walking - even while wearing glasses because of the adjustable straps that add to your comfort.

Ships in 3-5 days