Toned Sketchbook
Toned Sketchbook
Toned Sketchbook
Toned Sketchbook

Toned Sketchbook

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The Toned sketchbook is perfect for experimenting, quick studies, sketching, life drawing, and journaling. Drawings done on mid-range brown paper can help you to use a wider range of values (light to dark), and to place shadows and highlights more deliberately and are brilliant for subtle transitions and for dramatic yet earthy effects. It's ideal for a wide range of media, including graphite, chalk, charcoal, fine liners, soft pastels, markers, colored pencils, pens, and white gel pens.

About the paper: This premium toned paper is acid free to ensure longevity of the artist’s artwork.

    Product Details

    • Hardbound sketchbook
    • 80 pages, 230 GSM
    • Center Stitch thread binding
    • 14.8 cm x 21 cm ( A5) 
    • Premium fine art black textured paper

    5 reasons to start using Toned Sketchbooks

    1. Enhanced Contrast and Depth: Toned paper provides an immediate mid-tone, allowing artists to work with both dark and light media. This can create more contrast and depth in your artwork, making it easier to add highlights and shadows without having to fill the entire background.
    2. Highlights Stand Out: On toned paper, white or light-colored highlights pop, creating an eye-catching effect. This is particularly useful for subjects with strong light sources, as it allows you to emphasize the brightest areas of your composition more effectively.
    3. Better for Certain Subjects: Toned sketchbooks are excellent for subjects like portraits, still life, and landscapes, where rendering depth and form is crucial. The toned background provides a starting point for the mid-tones and helps artists capture the three-dimensionality of their subjects.
    4. Ideal for Charcoal and Chalk: Toned paper is well-suited for media like charcoal, chalk, and pastel, which show up beautifully on the tinted surface. These media can create rich, textured effects that are enhanced by the paper's color, making them easier to work with and allowing for expressive mark-making.
    5. Less Strain on the Eyes: Working on white paper for extended periods can cause eye strain due to the bright background. Toned paper is gentler on the eyes and can reduce the glare, making it more comfortable for prolonged drawing sessions.

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