This series is inspired by how one of our artists, Aishwarya Vohra has interpreted Indian Gods in their cutest avatars.

We are on a mission to make insightful and fun products that empower conscious parents pass on
pieces of who we are. We create heirlooms rooted in culture and mythology.

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Awesome product. Felt
sooo good to receive it It’s very very beautiful Loved the details nd everything


Postcards, keychains and
planner...what not to ask. Absolutely loved. Aishwarya Vohra just love her
devinity avatars


2021 and 2022 devinity
collection is lovely!! gives that divine feelz and adds glory to our room

Nitin Chouhan

Loved it! 10/10 would recommend! Cutest ever faces of Gods one can ever imagine. Fell in love with these cuties

S Simran

This is one of the most
cutest depiction of Indian gods. Loved it. Like to see other products coming out soon too! Best wishes

Isha Sharma