FAQ - Subscription Box

Can I order multiple subscriptions?

Mm, Nobody's stopping you. Until the day planet earth drowns in coffee. I'm telling you, it rules us.

If I order multiple subscriptions, will they all have the same products?

Yes, they will. We're waiting for Goddess Kali with multiple hands to join us soon. Once she joins, definitely we'll have different products in different boxes. To help her out, click here.

How can I send it to a friend?

Oh are you surprising someone, we love surprises too! Just leave a message at the notes section while checking out.

Is the club only for stationery lovers?

We have one condition only, 

1. ...

How do I change my shipping address?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, just send us a mail before your order is shipped. After your order is shipped, I'm afraid Mayday calls won't be returned.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Are you sure though? We are pretty sure that you've landed here by mistake but for the off chance that you didn’t then we will let you know how to cancel. All you have to do is log into your account here, select the subscription you would like to cancel and there is an option there to cancel your subscription. We would love to know why you are cancelling though, so please make sure to let us know in the comments area. 

Please note that you are cancelling all renewals and not previous orders. All shipments that have been paid for before you cancel will still be shipped to you.

What happens after I place my order?

After you place the order, Netflix and chill or post 'Fri-Yay' pictures, take the left profile selfies, clean up your dog's poo. 

After you place the order, we will stop eating chips, work around the clock, get those dark circles on and run behind courier bhaiya and send your hand-picked products. ( Please support our #FundforChips office campaign)

How does it work?

Sign up on the home page and follow the instructions until you get a confirmation page and you are all done. 

*If the subscription is a gift, the recipient will receive an email.

What do I do if one of my product is damaged?

Dont you worry, send us a quick mail and your replacement product will fly out and reach you.  

Can I choose the products I get?

Where is the fun in that?! We have some weirdos in our studio who know all the best and latest designs available. Each month they order only the best for you.

Do you ship internationally?

You bet! We would go over the cliff for you!

When will my order ship?

Every second Friday of the month! Mark 'em in your calendars! 

Can I return the box once I've got it?

You cannot return your box to us by following our returns procedure here however if something is wrong we’re always happy to help don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here

There's something missing in my box, what do I do?

Uh Oh! We're sorry that something is missing from your box, get in touch with us here and we'll get it sorted for you as soon as possible.