About us

There's a little story behind what we do at Happywagon and what it's all about. Alicia Souza and I (Saurabh Sharma) met due to a stellar alignment of stars late in 2015 and it somehow led to starting a company together. In a couple of years, www.aliciasouza.com went on to be loved by thousands of beautiful people. We never thought the products we created would put a smile on so many faces.

Along the way, owing to some planetary alignment, we came in touch with brilliant artists like Katie Abey, Angel Bedi and few others who had similar life-missions like us.Combining all these talents, we knew we could build a brand that created the kind of products we'd want to buy ourselves. Together, we're now building a community of creators whose happiness is a pure derivative of making other people happy through thoughtfully designed products.

Quite Inevitably, we're hitched to the happiest ride ahead.