Aishwarya Vohra is an illustrator and designer from India. She is a bit of a dreamer and love to paint whimsical illustrations. Her artwork is bright and positive and is a reflection of who she is.

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The 2024 Devinity Gift Box

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We love this book! It was
so fun for us to learn about all of the different things that happen at school and all of the different names of animal groups. I had no idea the names of animal groups were so interesting and diverse. From Army of Frogs to Flamboyance of Flamingos to Kaleidoscope of Butterflies--this book has them all! Ollie the Owl is great for teaching new vocabulary and is full of lovable
animal characters. Five stars, without a doubt!

Robin Mark

It is such a lovable piece. I am going to be in love with each and every
month now. Thank you


Great experience !
Everyone in family and those whom we gifted the divinity calendars liked it !
Also without having to go through the hassle thanks.

Tanu Kandal

The very first time I saw this Devinity Calendar, I loved the cutest
Avatars of Gods and Goddesses that I had ever seen. I tried resisting for a
month or so but everytime i would see them again, i would fall in love. I
ordered this solely coz of the cuteness it has. Lovely.