Blackstroke Sketchbook Set
Blackstroke Sketchbook Set
Blackstroke Sketchbook Set
Blackstroke Sketchbook Set
Blackstroke Sketchbook Set
Blackstroke Sketchbook Set
Blackstroke Sketchbook Set

Blackstroke Sketchbook Set

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This is the perfect set for those who love to paint and experiment with various mediums!

  1. Stroke - With an irresistible toothy grainy texture, the Stroke sketchbook  is meant for delightful explorations in acrylic, gouache, watercolor and mixed media. We have carefully curated the highest quality paper that is a delight to paint on and will ensure a brilliant finesse to all your creations.
  2. Black - Jet black paper with a textured finish for illuminating trysts with colour.  Black paper is extremely versatile and works great with acrylic paint pens, acrylic paint tubes and brushes,  gel pens, white charcoal, colored pencil, crayons, oil pastels, soft pastels, chalk and metallic inks.

    Product Details

    • 2 Hardbound sketchbooks
    • Stroke - 80 pages, 300 GSM
    • Black - 100 pages, 200 GSM
    • Keepsake Artist Storage Box for storing your art
    • Center Stitch thread binding
    • 14.8 cm x 21 cm ( A5) 
    • Premium fine art assorted papers

    Mental Health Benefits of Creating Art

    Stress Reduction: Creating art can be a relaxing and meditative activity. The focus and concentration required while drawing or painting can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Engaging in art allows you to temporarily escape from the demands of everyday life and can promote a sense of calm.

    Emotional Expression: Art can serve as a non-verbal means of expressing emotions and feelings. Through colors, shapes, and imagery, you can convey and process emotions that might be challenging to articulate with words. This can be particularly therapeutic for individuals who have difficulty discussing their emotions.

    Improved Self-Esteem: As you practice and see your skills develop over time, it can boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. Completing a piece of art and feeling a sense of accomplishment can provide a significant self-esteem boost, which can be especially beneficial for those struggling with self-doubt or low self-worth.

    Mindfulness and Relaxation: Engaging in creative activities like drawing and painting encourages mindfulness, where you become fully immersed in the present moment. This can promote relaxation, reduce negative thought patterns, and enhance overall well-being. Many art therapists use mindfulness techniques in their practice.

    Coping Mechanism: Art can be a constructive way to cope with difficult life experiences and trauma. It provides an outlet for processing and expressing feelings, making it a valuable tool in the therapeutic process. Some people find solace in art during times of grief, trauma, or personal challenges.

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