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Supporting Artists. Spreading Happiness.
Supporting Artists. Spreading Happiness.

Custom Family Stamp

Rs. 999.00

Every little family needs a little stamp, to spread lot-tle of love! For all families out there,hubby-wife-kid-baby/hubby-wife-kid-pet/hubby-wife-baby-pet or even mommy-pet-pet-pet get those extra wet nose kisses from your kids!

Seal your party invites with these stamps and let your family fondness intoxicate the entire town!

(You could specialize in throwing happiness around like confetti! :))

These beautiful wooden handled, rubber stamps are perfect for anything from love notes to written telephone messages to handmade wrapping paper. They are sized at 7.5cm x 4cm.

How to get going with the family stamp:

Pick any four/threefaces from the lot along with the name of your family you want written below it.

Do let us knowwhich ones you'd like and the name you want by filling in the box below.

If you want to add specs to the face/faces, mention it in the note section while checking out.

This product takes 7-10 days to make and send.

(Stamp pad not included but they can be bought at any local craft or stationery store.)

(Little note: All our stamp heads aren't super identical but just know that every single one of them was locally made with gentle hands, with love :)