Flower Fields Laptop Skin
Flower Fields Laptop Skin
Flower Fields Laptop Skin
Flower Fields Laptop Skin

Flower Fields Laptop Skin

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Make your gadgets stand out with these high-quality laptop skin stickers.

Product Details:

  • MATERIAL- These skins have a premium print quality available as a sticker sheet.
  • SIZE- The skin is 16 x 11 inches
  • USES- Any gadget which fits within the size of the sticker sheet (16x11 inches). Any laptop brand and any size up to 15'6 inches size.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES- Easy to apply without causing air bubbles. Easy to remove, residue-free!
  • NOTE- Cannot be used on textured laptop surfaces. Does not come with an Apple logo cut 

How to apply:
1. Flip the skin over so that the plain side is facing you
2. Place your device face down on the skin
3. Draw a line around your device
4. Remove the device and cut along the line drawn
5. Peel back the adhesive cover from one corner
6. Align the skin with your device and stick the corner firmly
7. Place one hand on the stuck corner and with the other hand, start peeling the adhesive cover off
8. Stick the skin as you peel and apply evenly over the laptop, from edge to edge.

Ships in 5-7 days :)

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