Into the Wild - Gift Combo Box
Into the Wild - Gift Combo Box
Into the Wild - Gift Combo Box
Into the Wild - Gift Combo Box
Into the Wild - Gift Combo Box
Into the Wild - Gift Combo Box
Into the Wild - Gift Combo Box
Into the Wild - Gift Combo Box

Into the Wild - Gift Combo Box

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Launch Edition Contains

1 Patterned Gift box

1 Mammas in the wild - Book

1 Pappas in the wild - Book

1 Where the wild things live - Card Game

1 Soft cover colouring book 

Mammas & Pappas in the wild - Books

Be it the family guy- the gorilla or the dutiful penguin, there is a lot we can learn from animals- the protectiveness of mother lion, or the resilience of the spider, or the mamma tribe of elephants.

One of the first relationships a child has, is with his/her parent. One of the first emotions a child/ new parent feels is love. How about their first book combining these two themes? Apart from the knowledge of other living creatures we share the world with, the books draw attention to the different forms of love, that exist in the parent - child relationship.

This is a tribute to parents and carers everywhere, and the spirit of parenthood that connects us to our animal brothers and sisters

Written By : Vaishali Karthikeyan

Illustrated By : Vaishnavi Giri

Type : Hard bound Board Book in Matt Finish 

Size : 7 x 7 inches Board Books

          8 x 8 inches Soft cover Colouring Book  

Ages : 0 +

Where the Wild things live - Card Game

This is not just any SNAP & Memory game.

This is going to be your Child’s favourite fast action packed card game that teaches them about different animal classifications (mammas, reptiles etc) and you can also divide them up by habitats (forest, tundra etc.)

Sort them by habitats, or sort them by the kind of animal, match them in pairs or a fast paced SNAP with multi players. Before you know it, they are going to tell you that a Mammal can live on both tundra regions and water, or that a bird can be aquatic too.

50 Cards (48 animals + 2 instructions)

350 gsm matte laminated 

Size  2.9 x 4.1 inches

Comes in a hardbound box to with stand little kids

Ages 2+

Colouring Book 

Have fun colouring some inspiring animal dads. Bored? Just flip it, and colour some fantastic animal moms. 
Combined with the books, it extends the reading experience to a kinesthetic plane.

Based on Mammas and Pappas in the Wild Books  

Size : 8 x 8 inches 

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